Babies: The common Ground

I have been wanting to write something for a while but never getting much time.

So I noticed a change in people’s attitudes towards me (okay, not me) when in general public whenever I am carrying my son (at the moment 2 months old). I hear a lot of ‘awwwws’ and ‘aaahs’ and loads of smiles, lots of people asking how old he is, and telling me to enjoy this time as time will fly, many of them pointing to their own teenagers. I noticed that the younger the child, the more chirpier the conversation. I remember a long time ago, a friend told me that cigarettes are an ice-breaker, between smokers, as he asked for a lighter whilst stuck in traffic from a guy in the next car. It made me think how common things bring people together. Same thing, with babies however I wasnt expecting this. Also I noticed only people with families and kids themselves took the initiative to talk, not bachelors or other aloof guys. So far, I had conversations with random people in the hospital, mall, high street, super market, everywhere I have gone so far. 

I find it interesting because this is something I never expected to happen and it happens out of genuine concern. Seems to have a positive overall vibe on the society with no real effects, the same way that a smile in public would have.

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