Getting media on the TV : Stage 0

Ever since moving home I have been struggling to get my media and movies on the TV. Previously they were so close so I used a long enough HDMI cable for great results.
These days I have been confused as there are very few solutions that properly allow to stream movies from a PC.
So I got to test 2 devices today. Can’t say I have played with them thoroughly yet.
One is the NowTV box which is extremely cheap. It is a rebranded Roku 2 LT I believe. However I failed to get it to connect with my network for some reason. It simply cannot access the local network.
The other device was a Raspberry Pi running OpenElec. Surprisingly fast although I had heard they are slow with xbmc. While I got it on Ethernet and connected the android xbmc remote app I didn’t figure out how to connect it to my PC. I guess I need to install the server there so will play with that later. My power lead however was coming loose on every movement causing a reboot. Also my wireless usb mouse worked for a few minutes and then refused to work after that.
Well, a lot more testing is needed until I get my Chromecast.

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