IFTTT Android App lands on Google Play Store! Get ready for some unique Android related recipes

I’d love to check this out. This is Tasker with Webhooks!


IFTTT fans! It?s a great day for us. IFTTT has released their official Android app on the Google Play Store. IFTTT or If This Then That is a free service that lets you connect various web applications together through simple conditional statements.

IFTTT Android App

IFTTT Android App

Users can create unlimited ?recipes? from nearly 100 different web services including social networks, cloud storage products, sharing services, sports score providers and Android as well as iOS related channels, etc. IFTTT has been praised by a lot of tech experts and publications such as Forbes, Time, Wired and the NYTimes.

IFTTT Android App Screenshot

IFTTT Android App Screenshot

You can use it to duplicate files between Dropbox and Google Drive or send a text to yourself when it is going to rain. IFTTT for Android allows adding even more Android related channels such as location, SMS, notifications, calls and photos. You can use these new channels in collaboration with…

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