Chromecast: Understanding its Potential beyond Video Streaming

This article discusses how to create web applications with the Chromecast using js

The EWD Files

Google launched the $35 Chromecast into the US market in July 2013 and it became available in the UK in March 2014.  It’s primarily marketed as a device for streaming video to your TV, and, as such, is usually compared with the Roku streamer, Apple TV and the new Amazon Fire TV.

Once you look under the covers, you discover that such comparisons are misleading: unlike the other devices, the Chromecast is actually much more than just a streaming device for TV.  This became clear when Google launched their Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers to build their own custom applications for the Chromecast.  Having had my hands on one since almost the day they became available in the UK, I’ve come to think that it’s one of the most exciting and interesting devices of recent times, and I believe it has huge potential within many market sectors…

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