Tooleap and B4A Part 1: Introduction

I came across a pretty cool SDK called Tooleap. In their words:

Tooleap is an Android SDK which brings your app to the forefront
of a user’s device screen with a floating (always-on-top) UI,
thus creating a unique multitasking experience and increasing
your app’s availability and usability.

From what I understand Tooleap functionality consists of two parts.

1. A rich floating notification. This can notify the user of new data, or just be available to interact with from anywhere.

2. MiniApps, which are a slide-out window providing the same functionality of a usual activity, without losing context of the previous activity.

After reading their SDK I didnt think we would be able to use it in B4A since it required us to subclass Activity which we never had been able to do before, but Erel gave us a lifeline and now we are able to subclass Activity, thus being able to use this SDK.

I wrote some thin Java wrappers to get the functionality into B4A.

Dim TooleapManager1 As MSTooleapManager
Dim TooleapMiniApp1 As MSTooleapMiniApp
Dim TooleapActHlper As MSTooleapActivityHelper