Tooleap and B4A – Part 6 : Other considerations

There are some additional important things to note when using Tooleap.

  • If you are using view positions in %x,%y your view positions can be a bit off. Also affects popup menus. Make sure you adjust your layout for miniApp mode and normal mode if you need to use it in both.
  • Do not use Dialogs. This means MsgBox/InputList/CustomDialogs/BetterDialogs etc.
  • MiniApp icon should be atleast 30dip x 30dip
  • If you call StartActivity from the miniApp it will close the miniApp/sidebar.
  • When the application runs the miniApp, it gets cleared from recent tasks menu.
  • After the HOME button is pressed, it takes longer to load the miniApp (5 seconds). This is Android’s security feature.


Multiple instances of same activity

You can use the same activity for multiple purposes (for instance different conversations in a chat app etc). This can be done, as whenever you launch an activity for one type you can use the appID to distinguish between different instances, and load different data accordingly.

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