Installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox

So I had some issues with the graphics drivers when installing Ubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox. The installation itself is straightforward, just mount the ISO and it installs within minutes. I following quite a lot of steps to get the graphics resolution to ramp up from 640×480.

I installed VirtualBox guest extension pack (by mounting the VirtualBox CD in the VB menu). However it seemed to complain about headers not matching even though it completed successfully. I tried installing various x-org packages and dkms but nothing would work. I kept getting this error:

The headers for the current running kernel were not found…

Until I saw this ticket:

Anyway, before I tried this (and I still think I dont have the correct video drivers) I also tried another method described here:

I used Xdiagnose to turn on debug and boot messages and somehow now I can get up 1024×768!

Furthermore, I installed VirtualBox 4.3.22 and tried with the new extensions but they were failing. I had to manually remove the symlinks that the install was complaining that already exists. Then it finally installed. Now the resolution goes upto 1600×1200 and is a bit more smoother.

Next step is to probably see how I can further improve performance by setting up more cores/memory or transfering it to an SSD.

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