Battle of the IDEs and Editors

For some reason recently I’ve been playing around with too many IDEs and Code Editors. A lot of them are new for me and I havent delved into them too much or used them extensively. But just played enough with them, looked at the plugins/themes and the extensibility framework.

For a while I’ve been using the following

emacs (everything on linux)

i used emacs for everything on linux, its such a pleasure to work with. the theme support is great (currently im on solarized), its extensible, its customisable. its just amazing how much depth there is to this simple editor, that i feel i have a lot more to explore. its a real editor that makes the workflow so much smoother.

eclipse (java, perl, python, tcl)

i didnt like eclipse early since i was using it on a slow computer its eclipse is a serious resource hog. i also didnt like it since it felt too overwhelming, but along with time as i got used to it (and i got an ssd) its not too bad. its a real IDE that can support a large number of languages, and plugins. the autocomplete and quickfix are amazing. its really fast to write code in eclipse although it does feel its doing most of the boiler plate stuff for you. the code organisation, the build tools,, its a really powerful IDE, i havent seen anything missing from it.

visual studio express 2013 (c,

microsoft made this free, so i thought i’d give it re-spin. my previous experience with and an older version werent so great so made me leave it. to be honest i havent played with vs2013 alot to say anything except it feels lighter than before, and yeah i managed to add the solarize them to it!

b4x (basic)

the b4x tools used to build for android or desktop had been updated so i thought i’d give them a go. havent managed to add my favourite theme to it yet. its light and fast, much better than the previous versions. still not at all extensible or customisable. its great to write fast basic code, the language itself is a joy to work with. the ide code completion etc is pretty good, but i really miss customisable shortcuts and better project view.

pycharm (python)

so ive only just started using pycharm and i havent even managed to write a single proper script in it so cant say a lot. it feels heavier than it should for a python ide, and i didnt see any exceptional python features so far. however its very themable once again, but i really have to use it properly to get a better feel.

idle (python)

so i used idle to write some basic scripts..umm…i didnt really like it. it did the job but was too clunky.

atom (not sure)

atom just came out from github so i thought lets give it a go. im quite impressed. some good themes (yes i solarized it), and extensible. from the looks of it i might replace notepad++ for some tasks. it feels very nice, an insane amount of keybindings, im really looking forward to see what i can use it for.

notepad++ (anything)

this is my go-to editor to open pretty much any file whether its code or not. its clean, its got some insane features, but most of all its FAST. im not a fan of the interface, but its still quite extendible. guess what, i even got a solarized theme for it, but its been trouble some, i think the theme and syntax highlighting are conflicting a bit. (html/css)

i gave brackets a shot for a short while since it looked great, and im hoping sublime comes to windows one day. to be honest i couldnt really work with it as they way to do some things wasnt what i expected them to be. also i dont have a lot of html/css to do so maybe one day i will go back.

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